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Ashley Dy is a globetrotter , she needs adventure , she travels a lot and spends most of her money in trips  we cannot blame her.Besides being a sightseer her dream is to travel the world and make her job a vacation. New-York , Chile, London, Singapore, Paris are on the top of her lists, the best place for a shopaholic. Her favorite countries are Japan, Australia and Hong-Kong and if she wasn't a  Filipino, she might or would love to be half Australian, half Japanese. 

Japan and kawaii culture is anchored in her life and without the abenomics she would live there forever.
  • What do you think of abenomics and the fact that you will not be able to live there all your life?
-It's good for the economy of Japan of course. I definitely understand what they are trying to do. It's hard to earn money but we have to pay taxes right. That's my point. Even if I wouldn't be able to live in Japan forever, I cannot not go back to this country at least every year when I leave.

Japanese people are known for their creativity, eccentricity , authenticity,but above all they have a unique sense of style that's what  differentiates them from Europeans and Us street styles . Your initiative to support Japanese designers is in your honor.
  • who is your favorite Japanese designer?
  • Your favorite Japanese Brands?
  • What do you do to support them?
- I always support them by attending their shows, by being a consumer, blogging about their products and by always talking about them to my friends and new people I meet.
  • what inspires you in Japanese Fashion?
- They inspire me to be different and not to be afraid of who i am. 

Ashley : '' If there is nothing I'II never stop doing , it's learning new things'' Ashley is passionate of life ,she wants to be everything.  As she says so well its never too late to be the person you want to be. 

You aspire to become a photographer, film maker, writer, working in Arts and multimedia. 
  • Have you always been passionate to learn new things?
- Yes, I have a goal to learn at least 3 new things every month. The day I stop learning is the day I die.
  • And why are you so thrilled to teach?
- I'm excited to teach because it's another form of learning. You discover why things don't work and why they do. Even if there's only one person who wants to learn something from me, I'll be too grateful!

 Dreams can only come true if we work for it
Ashley: ''Do you want to know your future? Look at yourself and what you're doing now ''
  • What do you do every single day so as to make your dreams come true?
- -Everyday, I plan and do something to reach my dreams. Little by little.
  • What are the dreams that fashion blogging has enable you to achieve?
-Fashion blogging connected me to people I want to meet, things I would love to do and places I would want to visit. 
  • The dream of your life is it to be in Nylon magazine?
- I have many dreams, one of them is to be a part of NYLON

Fashion Blogging. 
Ashley: ''Fashion blogging has no RULES . You can become your own model, photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, journalist''

- I follow Nicole Warne's blog not just for fashion but for wonderful photos, dreams and love.
  • Since you are a fan of Tavi Gevinson, how  does she inspires you?

-Tavi 's achievements are totally inspiring for us all but there lies a hidden message, just be yourself. Never pressure yourself for success. Do what you love, love what you do. Each and everyone of us has a strength!


  • Why is Jack Kerouac one of your favorite author ?

-Desiring for uniqueness is not bad at all thus Jack Kerouac. I search for beauty in the strange.

  • What are your favorite books?

       -Oscar Wilde, Haruki Murakami 

Online shopping

  • what are your favorite online  shops?

- Amazon 

 Ashley : ''Some people are all about ambitions of material, wealth forgetting what's truly essential, i don't want to be like them''

  •                 According to you what is more important in life ?

-What I detest more than people with no ambitions, are people, full of ambitions but no heart! 


She does photography for : Japan lover me , fuku log

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