Friday, April 20, 2012

Simmy's bloG : CloSeT FiX

Hello mY dear bloggers,
Today am featuring  Close fix a cool blog.SHe is amazing her looks are fresh,cool ....
It is worth having a look at

Hey Guys! My name is Simmy P. and my blog is Closet Fix.  When it comes to fashion and style I must admit that I have an obsession, which by now, I'm almost certain has turned into a full blown addiction. Can you blame me?! They're so many reasons why fashion has become my drug of choice. I mean from the way a beautiful dress makes you feel, to the high that you get when you find that perfect pair of jeans, fashion is just addictive. I live for the times when I can capture those moments, and get my next fix. As there is no end in sight for my obsession/addiction, I use my blog to share my day to day looks and showcase pass and present pieces that have resulted from my attempts to satisfy my closet fix. Please stop by and don't be shy. I would love to here from you. My blog is new, but I hope that you enjoy your stay. Thank you for reading and for having me over:) 

Note:to be featured let me know through comments!!!!!!!



  1. i love your shoes :):) i'm follwoing you, visit my blog if you want :)

  2. hello brooklyn,love your style!i visit the closetfix and i am already a member!!xxx

  3. Like the Blog :))



  4. Hi you have a great blog and I would love to be featured!:) I am following you already and would love if you could follow me too:)

    xx Kate

  5. great looks!


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